Energise Your Remote Workshop with 5 Awesome Icebreakers

Now that everyone is in front of a screen, in the comfort of their homes, distractions are plenty, and it’s too easy to feel disconnected. So how do we feel connected and keep our minds fresh over long Zoom workshops?

Icebreaker #1: 3-Part Question

Keep it simple, silly! (Photo by AJ&Smart.)

Icebreaker #2: Two Truths and a Lie

Un classique. (Image by author.)

Icebreaker #3: Aliens Have Landed

Aliens Have Landed: From Miro’s list of icebreakers. (Image by Miro.)

Icebreaker #4: Where Would You Want to Be?

Around the world in 5 minutes — more of such icebreakers on Product Coalition. (Image by Anthony Murphy.)

Icebreaker #5: Gift and Hooks

Examples of TeamCEP’s Gift and Hook exercise. (Screenshot by author.)

Honorable Mentions

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